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Measuring Child Well-Being

Measuring Child Well-Being:
An Inventory of Key Indicators,
Domains and Indicator Selection
Criteria to Support the Development
of a National Set of Child
Well-Being Indicators
Anne-Marie Brooks
Sinéad Hanafin
June 2005

Measuring Child Well-Being: An Inventory of Key Indicators, Domains and Indicator Selection Criteria to Support the Development of a National Set of Child Well-Being Indicators

Anne-Marie Brooks and Sinéad Hanafin

June 2005

The main objectives for compiling this inventory were as follows: 1. To identify indicators currently in use, and routinely published across different countries; 2. To identify indicators that are well-recognised and accepted across different countries; 3. To identify indicators that have been recognised by experts and tested for scientific soundness; 4. To identify the key domains and/or frameworks used to conceptualise child well-being across different countries; 5. To identify the key criteria used to guide the selection of child well-being indicators across different countries; and 6. To provide a resource for others who may be embarking on a similar type project. This research contributed to the development of a National Set of Child Well-Being Indicators for Irish Children.

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